Minimum withdraw with bitcoin now is: $3
now min for withdraw via bitcoin is : $3 because coinpayments api
all other ecurrency still : $0
Nov-11-2018 08:32:44 PM
Plan rates changed
Dear investors!
Today we make some change to plans for making stable.
New Plan Update:

STARTER TRADE: 150% - Min $1, Max $10000

STANDARD TRADE: 180% - Min $20, Max $10000

ADVANCED TRADE: 260% - Min $50, Max $10000

BUSINESS TRADE: 350% - Min $80, Max $10000

VIP TRADE: 300% - Min $100, Max $10000

Nov-10-2018 08:56:54 AM
Earn $5 for a video testimonial
Dear investors, would you like to claim a bonus?
Today, we have new event for every actived members, very example:
record a video review about our company, with a payment proof as your withdraw, and upload it to youtube. Then send us your video link, we will confirm and instant bonus $5 to your account balance!
Remember: your account must be a active account, and you has been succeed withdraw one time.
Nov-10-2018 06:07:16 AM

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